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A Tiger Safari is an adventure that entails viewing wildlife in the comfort of a 4×4 open-sided safari vehicle that accommodates 6 peoples, a sure way to give you that classical safari feeling. Safari game drives are one of the most popular ways to see wildlife in the Ranthambore. During the safari our knowledgeable guides share their infinite knowledge about Ranthambore wildlife. the meaning of a safari game drive is an adventure excursion by vehicle into a wildlife area such as a National Park or Reserve, for example Ranthambore, with the purpose of exploring the park and seeing a variety of wild animals in their natural habitat.

Types of Tiger Safari in Ranthambore

  • Regular Tiger Safari : Regular tiger safari is a three to three and half hour’s safari which is available in two slots in a day for visitors. First shift in morning and second in late afternoon. In regular tiger safari visitors can visit only one zone which is allotted while booking. if visitor want to visit another Zone can be change as per availability but for zone change there are some process and some and charges has to be pay to forest department. A guide and a driver will be appointed by the forest department who will travel with you. if you want guide and driver of your choice or same guide and driver in your multiple safaris it is possible but there are also some process and charges for it.

  • Half Day Safari : Ranthambore national park now allows half day safari for visitors If you want to spend more time in the park than regular safari which is of three hours, then half day safari is a good choice for you. Half day safari has more benefits than regular safari. Half day safari also operates twice a day like regular safari. The best advantage of Half Day Safari is that during Half Day Safari visitors can access all ten zones of Ranthambore national park but in regular safari visitor can be visited only allotted zone. The first shift of Half Day Safari starts in Morning at 6:00 and continues till Afternoon 12:30. And Second Shift starts in Afternoon 12:30 PM and continues till Evening 06:00 PM. During Half Day Safari, only five visitors can go for excursion whereas six peoples are allowed in regular safari.

  • Full Day Safari : If you are a wildlife lover and want to spend full day inside the jungle then full day safari is a good choice for you. Now full day safari option available for visitors. Benefits of full day safari is similar to half day safari. Visitors can spend full day inside the park from sunrise to sunset during full day safari. Full day safari vehicles can access all ten zones during the day. visitor can enjoy packed food inside the park or can come outside for lunch and can reenter in the park in full day safari. In Full day safari only 5 visitors can accommodate in a gypsy instead of 6.

Safari Zones in Ranthambore National park –

Ranthambore National park divided in 10 zones. Zone 1 to 5 comes into core zones which are older zones and 6 to 10 comes into buffer zones.

Vehicle Options for Tiger Safari –

Ranthambore offers two vehicle options for safari first is gypsy and second one is canter. Gypsy is a small open top jeep can accommodate 6 peoples with one guide and driver. Canter is a 20-seater open mini bus can accommodate 20 peoples with 1 guide and driver. If you are planning your tour with a small group than canter is a good option for group.